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6th of January 2018
Deadline for the submission of projects
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Carrefour is launching a call for solidary projects for deprived children

For the 8th year, Carrefour Solidarity France is launching “Les Boucles du Coeur”, a charity event deployed for one month is the group stores in order to collect donations to fund programs in favor of children in difficulty on the French territory. Each year, a sponsored charity and 300 local non-profit organizations benefit from the generosity of the clients and the involvement of Carrefour employees.

The call for projects is now open and charities can candidate until the 6th of January 2018 following this link:


For the 2018 edition, the sponsored national charity will be chosen by web users who will vote for one of the 12 finalist associations selected by a Carrefour jury. The votes will be opened from the 22th of January to the 18th of February on the site Carrefour.fr and the winner will be revealed on the 1st of March. The other 11 charities will receive an endowment of €1000.

Eligibility Requirements: the project needs to be in favor of childhood and proposed by non-profit organizations, public-interest entities, or charities recognized by the 1901 law. It will address the daily life and the environment of sick young children, prevention, nutrition, education, and child protection on the French territory. It has to be implemented by the non-profit structure in the 2 years to come and its impacts should be identified.

The 2017 edition enabled to collect 2.6 millions of euro among which €375 000 donated to the “Grégory Lemarchal” charity. Since their creation, the “Boucles du Coeur” enabled to raise 8 millions of euro.

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