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Carrefour mobilized in Taiwan after an earthquake hit Hualien

During the night of Tuesday February 6th, an earthquake of magnitude 6.4 hit Hualien, in eastern Taiwan. The provisional assessment deplored 10 deaths, more than 250 injured people, about 730 people placed in shelters, and substantial material damages. As almost 30 aftershocks have already occurred, sometimes exceeding a magnitude of 5.0, Taiwan could be exposed in the coming days to several other earthquakes.

Carrefour Taiwan Foundation and Carrefour Hualien hypermarket immediately mobilized resources to provide emergency aid to people in need. Besides the creation of resting area for victims of the earthquake, Carrefour Hualien store also provided free deck chairs and drinking water to local population.

In addition, Carrefour Taiwan Foundation, in partnership with the Red Cross and local government distributed outdoor heaters, flash lights, toothbrushes, towels and daily commodities to equip emergency kits at the temporary emergency operation center.


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