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Some Figures
Sep. 2017
Dec. 2018
€28 000
collected at checkout during the donation campaign
€28 000
additional donation by Carrefour Martinique
€56 000
donated to the Red Cross
Red Cross

Donation campaign results in the acquisition of a mobile health care unit in Saint-Martin


On Friday, January 19th 2018 in Saint-Martin, the Red Cross received the keys of a mobile health care unit to help local deprived populations. This vehicle, a fully equipped Grand Kangoo Ludospace, will allow medico-social actions targeting victims of Hurricane Irma that struck the island in September 2017.

The acquisition of this Health Bus was made possible thanks to Carrefour Martinique donation Campaign. Launched in three Carrefour stores, in partnership with the Red Cross, the two-day collection reached €28 000. The concept of this campaign is based on clients’ generosity, who make micro donations at checkout by rounding up to the nearest euro. In addition, Carrefour Martinique doubled this amount, achieving a total donation of €56 000.

Right after the catastrophe, Carrefour Foundation donated 103 000€ for victims of Hurricane Irma and in addition, Carrefour France launched a call for donations from clients which enabled the collection of 313 000€ for emergency aid via partner associations.

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