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Some Figures
Sep. 2017
Sep. 2017
€103 070
Donation from Carrefour Foundation
€313 043
Collected in Carrefour France stores
€28 000
Donated by Carrefour Martinique
€28 000
Collected from Carrefour Martinique clients

Emergency aid after hurricane Irma's passage in the Carribean

On Wednesday, September 6th, Hurricane Irma struck the West Indies and particularly devastated two French islands: Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin. Of irreverent violence, Irma and its winds stronger than 270 km/h left the islands flooded and destroyed; deprived of drinking water and electricity.

In view of the damage and growing needs, the Carrefour Foundation has launched an emergency aid procedure in partnership with Carrefour stores in Guadeloupe. The aid, up to €103 070.55, allowed parcels to be sent to the affected islands. Priority needs included food and water, as well as hygiene products for families who have lost their homes. An estimated 11,000 people were left homeless and 134 people died, including 4 on Sain-Martin. Ports and airports were unusable and access to the islands difficult. Resources such as water and gasoline were getting rare and violent robberies erupted.

Since the disaster, the Carrefour teams from stores and warehouses in Guadeloupe are active to help the victims of Irma. 39 tons of products and 8300 packages have been delivered in St Martin. In all, four convoys were prepared and arrived as soon as the 14th September. The teams of Carrefour, together with the civil security and the Red Cross, took turns to set up distribution points and organize the good circulation of products for the families.

This is the first emergency aid provided in the Caribbean by the Carrefour Foundation.

In addition, Carrefour stores organized a donation campaign to help victims. On the one hand, these are financial donations to the French Secours populaire for stores in metropolitan France (presented in the form of coupons of €2, until September 23rd), as well as a non-perishable food for the benefit of the Red Cross and Rescuers without Borders for the stores in Guadeloupe.

The “Urgence Hurricane” donation campaign in Carrefour Hyper, Market and Proxi stores enabled to collect €313 043 in metropolitan France!

In partnership with the Red Cross, Carrefour Martinique collected €28 000 in two days thanks to the generosity of clients. Carrefour Martinique doubled this amount to make a total donation of €56 000 for the funding of a mobile health care unit and essential goods.


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