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The integration project for former offenders is being renewed at the Pech farm


A partnership between the Carrefour Foundation and “la ferme du Pech” was born, based on the experience with “la ferme de Moyembrie” (see te project here: http://www.fondation-carrefour.org/content/optimizing-activity-moyembrie-farm), with a brand new objective for 2017: the reception of 10 offenders in preparation for their release!

In France, according to the Ministry of Justice, the rate of recidivism in the 5 years after the release from prison is about 61%. Social isolation, health and addiction problems, lack of housing and resources, and low levels of qualification are all factors that slow the reintegration of ex offenders.

The Carrefour foundation provides € 114,000 to help the organization with its project of insertion farm, after the successful experimentation at Moyembrie.

The priority beneficiaries are offenders at the end of a long prison sentence in the Carcassonne prison or in the detention center of Muret, and which have lost bounds with the outside. By integrating this experimental farm (including a hostel) , the offenders have access to a house, a remunerated job and a social follow-up, ending with the obtaining of a diploma in qualifying training, an aid to the passage of the driving license as well as insertion in professional situation.


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