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Our missions

The Carrefour Foundation works alongside non-profit associations every day to implement its international, public interest mission to combat exclusion. It runs philanthropic programs that are linked to the core business as a retailer, in countries where Carrefour is present, as well as in countries where its suppliers are located. 

With a budget of 8.5 million euros (2016), the Carrefour Foundation financed over 94 projects in 16 countries in 2016. Drawing on the expertise of teams from the Carrefour Group, the Foundation works along three main lines of intervention: food programs, emergency humanitarian aid and biodiversity.


Food program

The Carrefour Foundation is committed to combating inequalities linked to food. In its daily efforts to eliminate exclusion, the Foundation comes to the aid of those in great difficulty by organising and coordinating campaigns for the donation and collection of mass consumption products. It also supports the development of social grocery stores. The Foundation supports the development of the agriculture, while promoting the food and catering trades. Finally, to encourage a healthy and balanced diet, the Foundation runs targeted nutrition programs.


Emergency aid

The Foundation provides emergency humanitarian aid to those in need, particularly through its logistics capabilities. It provides relief to those who have often borne the full brunt of a disaster, by offering non-profit associations the full expertise of the Carrefour group, delivering goods within the shortest possible time, exactly where they are needed, often in disaster-stricken areas.



Created in June 2017 and with an annual budget of 1 million euros during 4 years, the Biodiversity Program is supporting field actors to enable them to develop innovative and concrete actions for the preservation of animal, mineral and plant biodiversity in France.