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Jan. 2012
Feb. 2017
€220 000
Grant from the Foundation since 2012
Social grocery stores for students supported
€50 000
Collected through the Goodeed.com crowdgiving campaign
Fédération des Associations Générales Etudiantes (FAGE)

Social grocery stores for students with FAGE


The Fédération des Associations Générales Etudiantes (FAGE), which is an umbrella organisation for 2000 student groups in France, launched its “AGORAé” system in 2011 to develop a national network of social grocery stores specially targeted at students.


To face the growing impoverishment of students, FAGE, that is gathering more than 2 000 entities in France, inaugurated in 2011 the program AGORAé. The project aims at developing a national network of social grocery stores on universities campuses. Indeed,Many students on French campuses abandon their studies to take up regular jobs, simply because they do not have enough money. These are mainly students on bursaries, those from the middle classes who do not qualify for any benefits, student parents, etc.

These social grocery stores allow students with limited revenue to buy essentials (e.g. foods, personal hygiene and household cleaning products and study materials) all at reduced cost (between 10- 30% of their usual price) and create places to meet and share a friendly moment. The student social grocery stores are run by local associations or federations on campus and are a part of the range of student aids available. They work closely with partners such as the CROUS (Regional Student and University Centres), university restaurants, social workers, and other agencies, through the health and welfare services.



The Carrefour Foundation is supporting AGORAé since the beginning of the program. In 5 years, the Foundation supported the opening of 14 social grocery stores for students, including 2 in 2016 in Metz and Paris.

For more information: http://www.fage.org/



For the World Food Day on Monday 16th of October, the Carrefour Foundation, with the AGORAé, wishes to raise awareness about the food insecurity for students and encourage them to have a healthy and diversified diet.

Sophie Fourchy, head of the Foundation, was part of a public lecture on Friday 13th of October at the “Paris Dauphine” University, and culinary workshops for students who benefit from AGORAé have been organized on Monday 16th of October.

The Carrefour Foundation is supporting FAGE since the beginning of the AGORAé program in order to address the food insecurity of the students. The AGORAé are benefiting from a financial support but also a logistical and material assistance thanks to Carrefour.

Besides, the Carrefour Foundation is launching a crowdgiving campaign on Goodeed.com from the 16th of October, to support 150 young people. More than 9 300 donors participated and €50 000 have been collected in 8 days!

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