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Some Figures
Jul. 2014
Dec. 2016
new gardens to be created
20 000
number of children helped
€46 600
Grant from the Foundation in 2016
€40 100
grant from the Foundation in 2015

Solidarity gardens in isolated rural elementary schools with the Huerta Nino Foundation

Thanks to a yearly production being able to feed 350 million people, children suffer from malnutrition in half of the provinces of Argentina. To stop this catastrophic situation, the Huerta Nino Fundacion created the Mi Huerta program, which already enabled the implementation of 260 solidarity gardens in isolated rural elementary schools. These gardens improve the community's living conditions which no longer needs to flee the countryside for food.

Thanks to the partnership between the Huerta Nino Fundacion and the Carrefour Foundation, 10 new gardens will be built by pupils in 2016, their family and their professors, allowing to develop a social link between them as well as to sensitize them to a better nutrition. These self-sufficing gardens will enable pupils to have more diversified and qualitative meals each day. Carrefour collaborators will also have the chance to be part of the project, with up to 20 of them volunteering in each of the gardens to build and develop them.

In 2015, eight days with Carrefour volunteers were organized in rural schools with Huerta Niño. The aim of these days is to strengthen the work of Carrefour nutrition through the initiative "Sumando Voluntades".

This initiative demonstrates our sensitivity towards those in need. It enables us to sare some unforgettable moments. Together, we have worked the soil, made a real garden and above all, we have planted 'seeds of motivation' for the children.

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