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Published on March 5, 2018

The Carrefour Foundation : 1st French corporate Foundation

The website Carenews, specialized in SSE contents, released in February 2018 a research on 120 French corporate Foundations, and then define a national ranking of the structures. 

The Carrefour Foundation comes first of this ranking in one of the studied categories. Indeed, if taking into account the proportion of profits allocated to skill-based sponsorship, Carrefour Group is ranked first with 1.03% dedicated to its Foundation.

In addition, The Carrefour Foundation is number 7th of the general ranking, evaluated according to the annual allowance of each Foundation.

Carrefour Foundation is actively supporting solidarity and sustainability Food Programs in France, and worldwide.


To read more about Carenews : http://www.carenews.com/

And the article : http://www.carenews.com/fr/news/10017-classement-top-10-des-fondations-d-entreprise-en-france